BIO BIDET BB-1000 ROUND Electronic Toilet Seat Jet Wash Dryer Remote Control New

Product Code: BB-1000 ROUND White + 2 Filters AZ

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BIO BIDET BB-1000 Round Toilet Seat Wash Remote New

Stop the Abrasive, Unhealthy Use
of Toilet Paper!

The Remote Controlled State of the Art

Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000!

Designed To Fit On Your Round Existing Toilet

(NO Toilets with French Curves)

(For Elongated shaped Toilet Bowls see our BB-1000 Elongated)

Brand New In The Box - 3 Year Factory Warranty


Plus FREE Bonus! 

TWO Bidet Iodine Water Filters 

Luxury Class Supreme BB-1000 Bidet Seat

Lifestyle Upgrade.

Pamper yourself with a gentle, warm aerated stream. A convenient remote control allows you to personalize several functions including water temperature, pressure, and even offers a gentle cycling massage feature.

Follow cleansing with a touch of a button for an adjustable warm air-dry while enjoying the comfort of a gently heated seat. Both features include adjustable temperatures.

BB-1000 is equipped with state-of-the-art "smart power saving function" that calculates the most frequently used hours of the day for maximum savings with a powerful deodorizer that eliminates up to 90% of embarrassing odor.

Its patented 1 pocket 3 nozzles allow maximum hygiene with a soothing pulsating massage.
Equipped with the most advanced "Capacitance" seat sensor and "Self Diagnose," BB-1000 is truly the most advanced and complete bidet seat in the industry.



  • Patented 3-in-1 nozzle system
  • Oscillating
  • Wide cleaning
  • Pulsating
  • Massage cleaning
  • Patented vortex water stream
  • Satisfying posterior cleaning
  • Soft feminine cleaning
  • Bubble infusion
  • Nozzle self-clean
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Easy nozzle replacement
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Powerful deodorizer
  • Intelligent body sensor
  • Adjustable warm air dry
  • Slow closing
  • Quick release for easy cleaning
  • Automatic power save
  • 3 year limited warranty

The Ultimate Bathroom Necessity.

For all ages and households.

Globally renowned and admired, the Supreme BB-1000 offers luxury features at the best available price.

The Supreme BB-1000 is fully featured with a convenient wireless remote, ambient temperature heated seat, soothing warm water wash, and exclusive technologies such as the 3-in-1 nozzle system and the patented Enema wash.

The Supreme BB-1000 is Bio Bidet?s most popular model due to its affordability and constant performance to provide the best cleansing experiences. Its reputation continues to be held in high regard and is upheld by countless satisfied owners.

Tank Reservoir for Heated Water.

No cold water shocks, ever.

Dependable and performance-driven, the tank type water reservoir is known for its steady stream output and consistent temperature. No cold water shocks and no fluctuation in the water stream.

The tank reservoir is the standard in bidet heating methods known for its low energy consumption and solid performance. Since the water is already stored and heated in the tank, you only receive your desired temperature upon selecting it and the water pressure remains steady from start to finish.

The Tank Reservoir combines water flow and temperature consistency for the most satisfying experience.

Luxury Convenient Features.

Lifestyle Upgrade.

The Supreme BB-1000 comes packed with all the luxury features you could want such as the heated seat, heated air dryer, massage and oscillating mode.

Experience full control over preference with options such as adjusting nozzle position, pressure, and temperature.  You can also control the temperature of the heated seat and air dryer. 

The 3-in-1 nozzle system includes the signature vortex water stream, excellent posterior wash, and softer feminine wash with bubble infusion technology.

Wireless Remote.

No hidden buttons. Easy operation.

Using the toilet and a bidet should be quick and easy. You shouldn't need a manual to figure out how the remote works. We have far more better things to do than trying to decipher which combination of buttons does what.

The Supreme BB-1000 remote control is one of the easiest to use with some of the largest buttons found on any bidet remote. Straightforward with full visibility, all main functions are directly on the interface so you don?t need to remember a combo code to unlock an everyday feature.

Satisfying Water Stream.

with Aerated Bubble Technology.

The Supreme BB-1000?s water pressure and cleansing abilities cannot be beat.

Due to the superior technology of the aeration method and the patented 3-in-1 nozzle system, the water stream is always full and provides maximum cleaning.

The powerful built-in motor keeps the stream consistent to your preference whether it is the gentle feminine wash or the robust posterior wash. Another feature on the Supreme BB-1000 is the exclusive and patented Vortex wash (also known as Enema wash) which works as an effective and natural way to assist with bowel movements.

Powerful Deodorizer.

with Active Carbon


The best warranty coverage in the industry.

Bio Bidet values your business and always attempts to provide you the very best of service.

Supreme bidet seats come with prorated warranty coverage for 3 years from date of purchase.

It's commitment from Bio Bidet to maintain a high degree of quality, dependability and reliability.

Proper way to use Supreme BB-1000 Bidet Seat

1. Adjust water pressure and temperature at desired settings.
2. Constipation problem? Change water pressure low to medium rapidly. This will stimulate anal region to induce bowel movement. Or, simply use the Enema function.
3. Choose desired nozzle and activate.
4. Oscillating is highly effective for optimal cleansing.
5. Optimum usage is about 15 seconds at a time with medium temperature and pressure.
6. Remove excessive water in gentle tapping motion using toilet paper.  No wiping.
7. At medium heat and air setting, use dryer for about 15 seconds.


Does the Supreme Bidet Seat require electricity?

Yes it does, and it needs to be plugged into an existing outlet with GFI. The Bidet comes with a 4 foot power cord.

How do you get a warm water supply?

Supreme Bidet Seat connects only to cold water connection. It has a built in water tank and heater. Water temperature and pressure is electronically regulated for consistency.

Is a professional plumber needed for installation?

All offered Bio Bidet products are designed for D.I.Y. Installation is simple as 1,2,3 requiring no special skill or tools at all.  However, if you have no plumbing experience, hire a professional plumber.

Is it going to fit my toilet?

This model BB-1000 is designed to fit most Round toilets

(For Elongated shaped Toilet Bowls see our BB-1000 Elongated)

This will NOT fit on 1 Pc Toilets with a French Curve

1. How do I determine my toilet type?

2. How do I know if my bowl is round or elongated?

Older or basic toilets are round.  The inside of the round toilet bowl is usually about 11 inches around.  More modern or deluxe toilets have an elongated bowl that is about 2 inches longer than it is wide, it's a noticeable difference you can see. 

If you're still wondering, you can measure from the front of the toilet tank, to the very front of the toilet bowl.  That measurement will be about 17+ to 19 inches if the bowl is round, and 19.5 to 20+ inches if your bowl is elongated. 

1 PIECE TOILET - A toilet sculpted into a seamless unit,  
and has no crevices between the tank and bowl.

2 PIECE TOILET - This type of toilet has a separate tank 
and bowl which are bolted together upon installation

Bidet Seat References.

Toilet References.

Toilet Seat Measurements Guide, Elongated vs. Round

Elongated seat is oval shaped seats which is about 2" longer than a round bowl and often found to be more comfortable but in small bathroom, a round bowl can save space.

Toilet Type Guide, 1PC vs. 2PC

One piece toilet has the toilet housed in one complete unit where two piece toilets has a separate bowl and tank. Offered Bio Bidet seat models are designed to fit all 2 piece toilets and most of 1 piece toilets. Only exception will be rare types of one piece toilets with severe French curves where toilet tank connects to the base of toilet such as type C below.

TYPE A and B : YES , TYPE C : NO



What actually happens?

When you press the "cleanse" button, a wand, about the size and shape of a fat pencil (that was previously hidden under the seat) automatically extends, washes itself, and then sprays a carefully aimed aerated stream of water for a few seconds, or until you touch the "stop" button. Then the wand rinses itself off again, and it retracts, out of the way again.

Does anything touch me?

No. The only thing that touches you is water ...nothing else.

How do I know when I am clean?

The engineers have been perfecting the Bio Bidet for over ten years, and millions of them have been sold. They have plenty of research on exactly what it takes. If you have any doubts, you can always press the cleanse button again or check with toilet paper.

How does the dryer work?

Very much like a gentle blow dryer for your hair. The time and temperature are adjustable for your convenience.

Can I flush the toilet "normally' with a Bio Bidet installed?

Yes, although the water supply for the Bio Bidet and the toilet tank is the same, there is plenty of water for both. You can use the Bio Bidet and flush the toilet at the same time, without any problem whatsoever.

How long does it take to deliver?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 72 BUSINESS hours via UPS ground service. Orders should take from 4 to 7 days to deliver.

Your Bio Bidet:

Bio Bidets are designed to be installed onto your existing toilet just using a few tools and plumbers tape.

How to use your Bio Bidet:

When the user is ready to finish up in the bathroom, a simple push of a button will initiate a stream of water.

The stream can be controlled, and is aimed to cleanse the genital-anal region of the user while still remaining seated on the toilet.  This is far thorough cleaning, making it more hygienic. 

It is also far superior over the conventional bidets because toilet seat Bidets do not require the additional space to install, but best of all, it allows the user to remain seated instead of having to move over to sit on the bidet after finishing on the toilet.

It is intuitive that because of the anatomy of the area, using a dry toilet paper to clean is inevitably going to leave residues, leaving the area prone for bacterial growth and infections.

As a testament of one of the benefits of water over the paper use, in cultures where water cleansing is traditionally the preferred practice, such as in Indonesia, Middle Eastern or South-West Asian countries, hemorrhoids occur with much less frequency.

White color ONLY. 

Specification BB-1000 Supreme Bidet Seat
Power Rating AC 120V 60Hz 600W
Water Inlet Type Type Direct Inlet flow type
Water Inlet Pressure 0.4~7.5 Kgf/cm2 (5.69 psi~106.7 psi)
Power Cord 1.2 m (4 ft)
Wash Device Posterior Wash Max. 1.2L/Min (Max. 0.32 GPM)
Anterior Wash Max. 1.2L/Min (Max. 0.32 GPM)
Water Pressure Adjustable 5 Levels
Warm Water Temp. Room Temp ~ 40C
Heater 600W
Safety Devices Thermal fuse, thermal switch, Float switch
Heated Seat Temperature Room Temp ~ 40C
Heater 55W
Safety Devices Thermal Fuse
Warm Air Dryer Dry Temp.
Room Temp ~ 45 C
Heater 250W
Safety Device
Thermal Fuse
Enema Function O
Deodorizer O
Remote Control O
Inlet Water Temperature 3C~35C (37.4 F ~ 95 F)
Ambient Temperature 3C~40C (37.4F ~ 104F)
Dimension Elongated Round
W: 475mm-18.7"
L: 525mm-20.6"
H: 185mm-7.28"
W: 475mm-18.7"
L: 493mm-19.4"
H: 185mm-7.28"
Weight 5.2 KG / 10.7 LBS

Dear Friends,

I personally own a Bio Bidet and I love it!! 

I never fully realized all the health benefits, convenience and luxury of a bidet till we installed our Bio Bidet in the master bath.

When ordering your Bio Bidet please let us know if you want white or the biscuit color.  

Otherwise, we will automatically ship you a white model.

And remember to save your old seat in case you ever move because you will want to take your Bio Bidet with you!

Most cordially,

Daria Novak

Decorate With Daria, Inc.

Three years limited warranty policy for Supreme & Prestige Bidet Seat Models

  • 100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the first year from original date of purchase
  • 75% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the second year from original date of purchase
  • 50% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire product for the third year from original date of purchase

Limited 3 years warranty only applies to Supreme and Prestige bidet seat purchased after January of 2007.

Bidet seats which have been installed or used are non-refundable due to governmental regulations pertaining to personal hygiene products.  Bio Bidet cannot accept product returns if the installation hardware kit has been opened or if other signs of use are detected.  

How to obtain service:

To obtain repair service under this warranty, you must contact an authorized Bio Bidet service center to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.  Proof of purchase in the form of a copy of your original receipt must accompany the returned unit.


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There will times when the stock availability on some items may be back-ordered or even sold out without our prior knowledge.

We at Decorate With Daria will notify you immediately if such a situation exists on the model you ordered and will offer you a full and immediate refund.

Decorate With Daria, Inc.


Most items* fulfilled by Decorate With Daria are eligible for a LIKE EXCHANGE (or) FULL STORE CREDIT (or) LIMITED CASH BACK for a period of 30 days .

*Due to Federal Health regulations, we CANNOT take back any used Bidets or used Saunas for any reason.  
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EXCHANGE or STORE CREDIT - If the item(s) is defective all return shipping charges (up to $25.00) will be paid for/credited in your exchange or store credit.  Store credit good for 6 months.  If the item you want to return is not NOT materially defective then you the buyer shall pay for the return shipping but the 25% re-stock fee shall be waived if you purchase another item of equal or higher value.

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No item will be eligible for a store credit or exchange or cash back for any reason 31 days after date of received delivery.

Please contact us first for the return shipping instructions as some products may have different return addresses. 

Also, all returns must have a Return Authorization Number, which will be emailed to you along with the return instructions.  

All items approved for return MUST BE returned in the original boxes and packing material with all product instructions and parts.

WARRANTY - All items will have a manufacturers warranty card and return/repair instructions to that manufacturer/distributor.  All warranty issues and customer service must be directed to such manufacturer/distributor.  Decorate With Daria is not responsible whatsoever for such warranty/customer service issues and shall be held harmless in all cases.   Decorate With Daria, Inc. does not service any warranties and is not responsible for the customer service of any warranted item.  However, we will provide you with the contact information of the manufactuer and warranty procedure whenever needed.  If item(s) is used for commercial purposes the warranty shall be null and void.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we will do everything possible to reach a fair settlement on any item that does not meet with your satisfaction.   Our eBay customer satisfaction rating is over 99%.

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growing family of online customers.
We look forward to serving you again.

Don and Daria Novak

Bedford, Indiana

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